Why Emotion Code May Be The Alternative Therapy You Need

Emotion code is an energy healing technique developed for the purpose of releasing a person’s emotional baggage. Drawing from how energy affects our human bodies, repressed emotions are believed to send vibrations that cause physical and psychological problems. Developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson, a holistic Chiropractor and Medical Intuitive, this therapy uses simple methods to identify and release the emotions hiding in someone’s subconscious. Emotion code involves a four-step formula:


A natural part of life, difficult experiences make us have negative emotions which we tend to bury. Acknowledging your own emotional baggage and knowing that you can get rid of it is the first step in the healing process. ‘Heart Wall’ is a term Dr. Nelson coined to describe the protective barrier we build to protect ourselves from hurt. Holding us down, Heart Walls don’t   break easily even long after they have fulfilled their role. For instance, they can be made of metaphorical marble, wood, or stone, and can go from a few inches to a mile long depending on the person. You or a practitioner can deal with one layer of your Heart Wall or more in one session.


To determine the nature of your distress, you undergo muscle testing with the Emotion Code Chart as aid. The Emotion Code Chart contains 60 emotions divided into two columns and six rows. First, you check how your body responds to questions like “Is this trapped Emotion in Column A?”. One common way of doing this is putting a small amount of pressure on an outstretched arm’s wrist by using two fingers. During the therapy, some personal history gets uncovered. Trapped emotions may either be hereditary or came from significant life events. Fortunately, only limited information is necessary so you don’t have to relive painful memories. Next, you find which row the emotion is in. You continue asking questions and checking your body’s response until you locate the specific emotional baggage.


For as short as a few minutes, Emotion Code guarantees purge of harmful energies. Once you’ve identified your trapped emotion, you use a magnet to move it out of your body. Manifesting proper intention is essential at this stage. You focus on letting go while you slide the magnet over a specific meridian point (a bodily channel where life-energy flows). Afterwards, you physically feel a sense of relief.


After the first three steps have done their work, change happens. Whether it takes less or more than the usual two days, Emotion Code assures you that your body’s natural ability to recover will complete the job. Shyrl Wheeler attests to this. He has a fear of cold calling despite being a Network Marketer. After going through the process, he now claims to be freed from his fear and the negative emotions he didn’t know he had. Audrey Luck from Georgia also shares how the therapy helped her son. He got cured of a headache caused by a trapped emotion labeled as worthlessness. Indeed, Emotion Code aims to empower people to restore their physical and emotional balance.

As a popular form of alternative medicine, Energy Healing finds its way to the lives of those with an open mind. Though seeking mainstream treatment is still important, there’s no harm in trying other techniques that are safe just like Emotion Code. Experience it for yourself.



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Written by Hannah Grace

A B.S. Psychology graduate who fights both real and imaginary shadows every day with music and words.

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