An Easy Guide To Using Negative Emotions For Mindfulness

When we encounter negative emotions, our initial response is either avoidance or denial. We run away from them or we pretend they don’t exist. Because of our natural desire to feel good in life, we do what is necessary to protect ourselves from any form of hurt. However, as contrary as this may sound, unpleasant emotions can be blessings in disguise. 

Look Beneath the Surface

Since happiness gratifies us,  we make a habit of seeking it. Negative feelings are uncomfortable, but they give you an opportunity to reflect on yourself: “Why do I feel this way? How should I react?” Mindfulness is the process of focusing on your inner state and your present circumstance without judgment.  A triggering behavior or situation sometimes reveal a deeper issue. The human brain is designed to help us hide painful memories so we often don’t recognize similar events right away. You thought you were angry when your friend had to decline your invitation; you unconsciously mistrust people because of betrayal in the past. In the same manner, you may believe you are sad about your current life when you’re actually just having a bad day. 

Set Your Emotions Free

Recognizing the cause of your emotions precedes how you react. We can always choose our reaction. Though our reflex is to walk the safer route, it is best to acknowledge and accept whatever we feel. No one has their life under control all the time. For the record, the flawed world you and I live in is full of imperfect individuals. We’re vulnerable to stress 24/7. Finding yourself affected by negative emotions is completely normal so you shouldn’t be guilty for having them, let alone rush to change them. Settle in the moment. Cry, scream, fume quietly–release your frustrations however and as much as you need. You’ll understand your feelings better when you’re ready.  

Be Self-Aware

In this modern age, everything moves too fast and demands our attention that we neglect time for contemplation. Our robotic lifestyle burns us out more when we don’t deal with bad vibes before they consume us. Giving in to human nature is easier, but practicing mindfulness goes a long way. Self-awareness relieves your soul and helps you become a stronger, more patient person who’s learning to manage their emotions. 

Negative feelings aren’t unbeatable enemies, they are temporary. We must see them as an important part of life. They show us just how free we are to experience hardship as humans.  Next time you go through a rough patch, let yourself breathe and remember to meditate with love.

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Written by Hannah Grace

A B.S. Psychology graduate who fights both real and imaginary shadows every day with music and words.

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