A Quick and Simple Guide To Feeding Your Soul

feed your soul

Taking care of our bodies is second nature to us. We don’t neglect eating, drinking water, and cleaning ourselves up. However, we don’t all consider taking care of our souls a real priority. The unseen part needs just as much attention as the physical part. How we live and do things stem from what resides inside us. You’re cheerful if you have joy in your heart, while you feel down if you’re filled with despair. It’s natural for us to let our minds go untamed that they give us anything they absorb, but we should not. If you’ve yet to practice feeding your soul, here’s how:


feed your soul

Whether you believe they are the same or two separate elements, they deserve your love. You may already know their significance in numerous religions and beliefs: one’s soul or spirit is considered ethereal or divine. Devotees carry out various practices and abandon earthly pleasures for its sake. Loving your soul requires sincere work.

What are You Eating?

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“You are what you eat” may be true after all, at least when it comes to your soul. If your diet affects your well-being, your mental diet does too. There are tons of garbage out there such as empty entertainment, toxic people’s energy, and unwise words. Take time to reflect on which takes up most of your time and your head’s space and why. Maybe it’s your friends. Maybe it’s a bad habit. You may not know how your dependence, unconcern, or lack of self-control, is slowly causing damage. Sometimes you’re not even aware that a reality show influences your behavior at home. We all have our own vulnerabilities. You must learn yours. Once you understand, it will be easier for you to change your poor diet.

Get Your ‘Soul Food’

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Because it’s not just the body that needs nourishment, you need to add new ‘selections’ on your daily menu. Regardless of your beliefs and convictions, you need to consume what satisfies and strengthens your soul.


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Cut down on the negativity. Let more light in. Life is still wonderful despite its drawbacks. No matter what happens, it still goes on. Think of what could go right. Choose to look at what’s good about something. Let yourself be happy, free, and open. Make your heart and soul thrive even with something as simple as a smile.


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Hobbies like singing, creative writing, playing sports, meditating, making art, and cooking, can serve as an outlet for your soul. Talent or skill is not required. Follow where your hands lead you. Go outside of your comfort zone if you must. Expression of any form will never fail you.


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We can be too busy to do this. Our hectic lives always steal our attention that we might not even notice any sign of self-neglect. Never forget to look after both your body and soul. Get the help you need if you can’t take it on your own.


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Instead of taking in unhealthy forms of entertainment, educate yourself. For instance, reading insightful articles is better than reading about the latest celebrity news on your phone. Help and please your mind and soul with more important things.     


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Bond with other people and with natural world (contact a friend; go hiking). Join a healthy community that’s right for you. Stay connected to those you love. Whether it’s others or nature, nothing beats the feeling of connection. It’s what we need as humans after all.  


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Although limiting earthly pleasures is good, pampering yourself every once in a while is too. Eat your favorite food. Have a foot spa or catch some waves. Buy the best shirt you see. Book a staycation. Try a new way of living.

“In your soul are infinitely precious things that cannot be taken from you.”

– Oscar Wilde

It may not be easy to feed your soul in this world and in these times, but don’t let yourself starve. If you’re hungry after a few days of not feeding your soul because of inevitable reasons, eat. Add what has been taken away. Giving up shouldn’t be an option. Every soul needs all the love and care it can get. Patience is essential. Getting used to a new lifestyle takes time and effort. You need to be sure. Trust that your commitment will be worth it in the end.

Looking after your soul doesn’t have to be tedious. You can do it in whatever way you prefer. Set aside ten minutes a day for meditation if that’s what your week allows you. Talk to others through online chat if you’re not into going out. Find ways to give back. Write your feelings on a journal. Stick to a routine until feeding your soul becomes a habit. Before you know it, you’re no longer craving “junk food”, and your soul is healthier and happier. It’s something that will keep you all throughout your life.

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Written by Hannah Grace

A B.S. Psychology graduate who fights both real and imaginary shadows every day with music and words.

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