Which Psychological Archetype Are You?

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Which Psychological Archetype Are You?

In ancient Greek,the word archetype means “pattern”. An archetype refers to universal patterns and images we all share in our unconscious mind – a concept known as collective unconscious, created by Carl Jung, founder of Analytical Psychology. He studied how an individual’s psyche (sense of self) is influenced by dreams, fantasy, and myths. This led to him inventing 12 archetypes that signify human motivation. Ultimately, we tend to have one dominant archetype that influences our personality. Read on to find out which psychological archetype resonates with you the most.


Also known as the ‘thinker’ or the ‘scholar’, this type uses intelligence to understand the world. They seek out information and knowledge above all else. Their main goal is to uncover the truth. However, there’s a downside to their wit: they may take forever in studying details and never act. Sage types fear ignorance and being misled. They thrive on wisdom.


This archetype pertains to pure individuals who value faith and optimism. They desire a happy, free life not just for themselves but for everyone. As romantics and dreamers, they bring sunshine anywhere they go. Their weakness lies in their tendency to be naive which makes them vulnerable. They also fear punishment so they always want to do things right which, on the flipside, makes them ideal members of society.


Having the freedom to wander is what they desire. They can’t stay stuck in one place. New experiences fulfill them more than material stuff. Another source of their satisfaction is being a genuine soul. They self-reflect while they enjoy the journey.


People with this type love power. They qualify for leadership positions because of their inclination to take control. Although they may face opposition if they become too authoritarian, their sense of responsibility benefits those under their care.


You love creating things if this is your archetype. You’re among musicians, writers, inventors, and other artistic individuals. With the aim to carry out a vision, creator types constantly hone their skills so they can express well. Their fear of mediocre execution fuels their perfectionism. Nonetheless, they create culture by using their creativity and imagination.


“Love your neighbor as yourself.” This type displays motherly instinct. They care for and protect others to the best of their ability. They are martyrs who at times get taken advantage of. Despite this, the generosity and compassion they possess give them honor.


The magician makes things happen. Often charismatic, those with this archetype have true faith in their beliefs which they want to share. They see through a different lens, forming innovative ideas and philosophies. Even though they are susceptible to being self-absorbed and manipulative, they initiate transformation by providing a new perspective.


Compared to the other 11, this type involves feeling that one has a destiny they must accomplish, that is standing up for the weak. Their great courage makes them fearless. Authority doesn’t intimidate them when there’s injustice. This can make them arrogant and hungry for battle, but this also makes them true heroes.


Aka the rebel, this refers to people who seek to change what they see is not working. They are of the revolutionary type. They draw others in their rebellion with their charisma, albeit their acts and ideas may be outrageous or driven by revenge. If it’s the right cause, they deserve to be commended.


If you’re a ‘lover’, you hate conflict. You look for harmony in all that you do, and you more than appreciate your relationships. Having said that, you should take caution not to please everyone to the point where you lose your own identity. You can pursue intimacy and commitment without placing your self-worth on those you love.


As the life of the party, an individual with this archetype uses humor to make people happy. They see the positive side of everything and help others do the same. A jester’s weakness is hiding their emotions beneath their fun personality. Regardless, they are a gift to mankind.

Regular Person

Someone of this type loves connecting with other people. He or she believes that we’re all equal. Moreover, regular person types are down to earth and have solid virtues. In spite of their worry that they may be left out or focused on, their respectable qualities make them the good neighbor anyone would want to have.

Knowing your archetype is another way for you to know yourself more. Whether you’re a regular person or a sage, you discover the qualities you possess which confirm your part in the world. After all, everyone is a unique individual with a role no one else can play.

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