Simple Personality Development for A ‘Better’ You

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Simple Personality Development

Personality is the side of us that we show to the world. Whether a quiet individual or someone who livens up a party, each person has unique characteristics which set them apart from everyone else. Your personality greatly affects your personal, social, and professional life. Here’s how you can enhance it in an uncomplicated way:

Check Your Body Language

“Actions speak louder than words,” is not just a saying. According to studies, only 7 % of your message consists of words while the remaining 93 % is non-verbal. We can sense when a person is insincere or uninterested just by looking at the way they behave. Communication is based more on what we see than what we hear. To get better at social interactions, practice proper posture and eye contact. Correct body language raises your self-esteem and presents a good image of you.

Express, Don’t Impress

With the constant reign of social media, our hunger for attention thrives. We become self-absorbed instead of aiming for healthy self-expression. Because of our innate need to be accepted, we shove real identity behind polished copy. In truth though, authenticity outweighs forced individuality. You feel free and gain true validation when you show the world who you are, not who you think you need to be.

Improve Your Social Skills

How you communicate shapes your relationships. If you’re understood well, you wouldn’t have a hard time connecting with anyone. Active listening, open-mindedness, empathy, respect, and rapport are all necessary. You can master them without losing your unique character. Good, natural social skills make up a good personality. 

Be Agreeable

Easygoing and humorous people are always pleasant to be with. It’s hard to dislike someone who makes us feel good. Any form of joy is a welcome distraction from the harshness and monotony of life. Laughter goes best with acceptance. Make a person smile and allow him to be himself at the same time.

Leave Your Comfort Zone

Fear cripples. Countless dreams don’t see the light of day because of this poison. Stop overthinking about how you might embarrass yourself in a social situation, and if it does happen, remind yourself that you’re human and move on. Seize every opportunity that comes your way as long as it’s within reason. You don’t have to push yourself too much. Take slow but steady steps. Attending a party every now and then is better than avoiding gatherings altogether.

Have Self-Confidence

You can achieve a lot when you believe in yourself. Even though you may not possess the same qualities as those who seem to have a great personality, you must appreciate your own abilities. Recognize your potential. Let your loved ones affirm you if you can’t. Others often see what we find hard to see in ourselves. On a similar note, do simple things that help boost your confidence. Maybe listening to music or jogging works for you. Maybe you need morning meditation. Power dressing is effective. Choose your best outfit for a meeting or go to the gym wearing a shirt that complements your figure.

These are six simple points you can carry as a daily reminder. Live them out until they feel like breathing for you. Developing a good personality takes time but with patience and effort, you’ll soon say hello to an upgraded version of you.

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