5 Easy Ways to Be More Positive in Life

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5 Easy Ways to Be More Positive in Life

With all the problems you can encounter in this world, it takes serious effort to maintain a strong mindset–one that fights to keep looking for the silver lining behind every cloud. If you’re like the average person, difficulties affect you enough to let yourself feel down as an automatic response. Though it’s easier said than done, becoming more hopeful is not impossible no matter how pessimistic you are. In fact, you can start now. Here are five simple steps:

Don’t Focus on Negative Thoughts

Do you know that constant negativity is harmful for your physical and mental health? According to studies, you release cortisol (hormone) when you experience stress, which messes up your immune system. You also become vulnerable to psychological disorders such as anxiety and depression. Although you can’t entirely avoid unhealthy thoughts, you can get past them. Fill your mind with more good thoughts as much and as often as possible.

Be Grateful Everyday

Gratitude beats despair. Instead of magnifying what you lack, count the things that you’re thankful for at present. Maybe you don’t realize that you’re taking what you already have for granted: a nice home, supportive friends, or a steady job. Even the small stuff like receiving a free cake from that new store, or opening your eyes this morning to another brand new day, deserve your appreciation. Having a grateful heart makes worries less significant.

Practice Self-Care

If you can’t love without loving yourself first, you also can’t enjoy life without putting yourself first. Speak kind words to yourself. Meditate. Ask for help. Surround yourself with loved ones and people who give off positive energy, while keeping a safe distance from those who make you feel worse. Stop overworking. Take a deep breath. Don’t feel guilty for making yourself a priority. You’re human. You’re just as priceless as the next person.

Always Look on the Bright Side

Though you won’t find it easy to do at times, try. Keep trying until you develop the habit of seeing the good in everything. Mistakes teach you. Storms make you stronger. Nothing tastes sweet if bitterness doesn’t exist. However, you don’t have to run from your problems to do this. You still need to deal with your issues and face your fears. You can be positive regardless of how heavy your burdens are. Take inspiration from those who carry on despite their disabilities like Frida Kahlo, Stephen Hawking, and Helen Keller. A little hope goes a long way.

Spread Optimism

Coaches get motivated themselves by motivating their players. When you project positive energy, both you and the people around you benefit from it. A simple smile can be infectious. A simple “You’ve got this!” can get someone back on track. Your simple act does a lot, whether they respond or not. Go ahead and share your optimism.

Anyone can be more positive if they choose to. Yes, we’re all victims of fate, but we can overcome that reality. The only person who can truly save you is yourself. If countless others have made it out, you will too. Choose to be a survivor. Believe that you are capable because you are. Don’t let your mind control you, train it. As the old saying goes, your own happiness lies in your hands, not in someone else’s. You’re the captain.

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