10 Simple Things You Can Do To Boost Your Mood Right Now

Although there are situations where you shouldn’t let them control you, feelings are important. They tell you a lot about yourself and inform you when you’re too busy to know that something is wrong. How you feel at the moment not only can determine what the rest of your day will be like, it can also affect your health if you allow it to linger. Here are a few easy steps you can do to boost your mood:

Take a Deep Breath

Sometimes, our worries make us so anxious that we don’t get enough oxygen. Aside from the side effects your body may experience, improper breathing can cause you to feel sluggish and gloomy. Taking a deep breath calms you down.

Get Some Caffeine

Coffee, energy drinks, and chocolates, can increase your energy levels. As long as you’re not advised to avoid it and you consume the right amount, go ahead and get your dose of caffeine.

Go Outside

City life can be suffocating. Getting caught up in your daily routine may keep you from getting the sunshine and exercise you need. Setting aside a few minutes per week for activities such as walking, dancing, and jogging, will improve your mood.

Listen to Music

According to science, there are many benefits to this hobby. Raising your spirits is one of them. When you feel down, listen to a good song with positive lyrics also able to boost your mood. You can also listen to your favorites.

Watch Funny Videos

If social media bothers you, spend more time using the net for clean entertainment instead. Give yourself a break by laughing at silly stuff. Anything that cheers you up is best.

Smell Something Nice

Fragrance can make you feel better in an instant. Scents like lavender and chamomile relaxes you. For instance, soothing essential oils can help lessen your stress. Try getting a whiff of some next time you’re overworked.

Fix Your Posture

Other than the fact that poor posture can lead to spine problems, which will make you more tired and irritated, proper stance energizes you. Studies prove how merely sitting upright can build your confidence. Carrying yourself well is key.

Call a Loved One

Or better yet, give them a hug. Connecting with someone dear to you reduces feelings of depression and promotes well-being. A simple word or touch from them helps release the good chemicals in your brain.

Recite Self-affirmations

Declarations like “I am enough,” and “I am capable,” are effective in strengthening you. When you encourage yourself, you get rid of the negative thoughts that upset you.


Do you know that smiling elevates your mood and even boosts your immune system? It tricks your mind into thinking you are actually happy, while at the same time triggering production of dopamine (responsible for pleasure) and serotonin (associated with reduced stress). 

We can’t be cheerful all the time, but we can make an effort to stay positive–to not stop getting back up whenever life pulls us down. Even if you find it hard to do to boost your mood, you can create your own little ways. Do what works for you. Always keep in mind that having a good mood empowers you as a person, and enables you to achieve more.

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Written by Hannah Grace

A B.S. Psychology graduate who fights both real and imaginary shadows every day with music and words.

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