Your Mind In A Pandemic–The Bad and The Good

mind in a pandemic

There’s no doubt that COVID-19 has changed our lives, not in a good way, in a short period of time. Regardless of social class, race, and many other factors, we all experience the impact of the corona virus. No one can go to work and do leisure activities like they used to. Still, to live on, we need to see and appreciate the little things. Some of which we might have overlooked in the past. When you’re self-aware and you understand what’s going on outside and within you, you can keep moving forward. This is your mind in a pandemic:   

The Bad

Mental Health Problems

Living in the new normal is difficult for mental health. Not being able to freely meet people, de-stress at the cinema, travel, etc. can lead to depression. Worries about your present situation and the future can give you anxiety. Moreover, having an existing mental health condition can make feelings like loneliness and helplessness worse. 


Both mind and body can suffer from stress. When you’re completely consumed by all your problems, physical and mental sickness are inevitable. Because of the pandemic, you can get exhausted just thinking about your money, food, and other necessities. You worry for yourself and the people you love.

The Good

A Break From Life

One of the few good things about our situation right now. You have the chance to escape from the usual daily noise of life. You can make yourself busy with much simpler activities you’ve always taken for granted. Enjoying a quiet Saturday morning instead of going to the mall. Pampering yourself at night rather than going to parties.  

More Quality Time

Whether online or offline, you can spend more time with yourself and your loved ones. You finally get to try what you’ve always wanted to. Start new hobbies, resume old projects, practice skills, and play with your family. You also have the opportunity to self-reflect and think about your life and your goals. 

As Frank Sinatra sang in “That’s Life”, life is what it is. With all its ups and downs, the only winning move is forward. It may seem easier to lose hope in this current situation, but don’t. No one knows the future. We’ve already gone through a lot as mere humans in this world, yet we always find a way to survive. You never know what holding out can do for you. When it all becomes too much, just try to keep going. If there are people who can still smile while suffering greatly, you can too. 

Don’t forget that it’s more than okay to seek help. You need it. There’s no need to carry all your burdens by yourself. When you choose to ask for help, you’re helping both yourself and those around you. You’re loving not just yourself, but them too. Having others with you strengthens you. It gives you more hope. If you’re dealing with too much right now or have mental health concerns, don’t hesitate to seek professional help. Find someone you can trust, who is really capable of helping you.    

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Written by Hannah Grace

A B.S. Psychology graduate who fights both real and imaginary shadows every day with music and words.


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