Lucid Dreams: How Do They Affect You?

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Lucid Dreams: How Do They Affect You?

A ‘lucid dream’ is a dream in which you are aware that you’re dreaming. It allows you to do things you can’t normally do in your waking life like flying, making friends with wizards, or visiting another planet. According to studies, lucid dreams have a real impact on the human mind. There are already existing techniques available to achieve this dream state. As interesting as it sounds though, lucid dreaming has its own benefits and risks. Read on to find out how it may affect you.


Mental Remedy

Aside from the primary reason some people want to do it (to enjoy), lucid dreaming can help you overcome nightmares and psychological difficulties. There were a series of cases involving individuals who experienced reduced nightmare frequency and slightly increased sleep quality after two months. On the other hand, a few scientists specialized in studying lucid dreams reported that despite limited research, they have obtained promising results regarding treatment of mental disorders. 

Personal Growth

Lucid dreaming is also good for those seeking to improve themselves. With journaling and practicing a mindfulness exercise called reality checking, a person can keep track of his dreams and his progress. This process serves as his guide on self-development–he does the right activities and the personal reflection necessary for growth.

Creativity Boost

Although what you see in dreams are not real, the thoughts and feelings you have there are. Yes, you can play soccer, go over your work presentation, rehearse for your recital, or review for your exams while you sleep. Once you’ve mastered lucid dreaming, you can practice real-life skills.


Sleep Paralysis

Usually occurring during REM (Rapid Eye Movement), this can happen to someone who’s in a lucid dream. REM keeps us from acting out our dreams, but lucid dreaming can put us in a state between dreaming and waking in which we can’t move. You experience hallucinations though you know that you’re awake.

Dream Claustrophobia

Like in a normal dream, you may be unable to manipulate a lucid dream. Comparatively, everything is more vivid. You feel every emotion as you would during your waking hours. Negative feelings such as sadness, pain, and fear can still exist in a dream. 

Distorted Sense of Reality

Indulging your fantasies in your sleep is okay, but it shouldn’t interfere with your real life. Lucid dreaming can be a form of escapism which can make you neglect living in the physical world. Moreover, it’s not appropriate for people living with psychological conditions that make them incapable of separating delusions from reality.

On the whole, lucid dreaming can either be beneficial or harmful for you depending on your situation. If you’re certain that it will have little to no effect on you, go ahead and try for yourself as long as you follow the proper steps. Legitimate sources or even a trusted practitioner may lessen your chance at having any unfavorable experiences. Just like everything else which stimulates our minds, there are good and bad consequences. Exercise caution, but don’t give in to fear. 

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