How Simply Using Imagination Can Improve Your Mental Health

Having your own little world is not only for kids. What’s more, it’s not only for fun. Psychology proves how using your imagination is actually good for your mind. Visualizing something, when done right, helps you in many ways. Read on to find out what imagination does for improve your mental health .

Feeds Your Mind

Aside from physical benefits like stress relief and energy boost, tapping into your imagination can give you healthy thoughts–thoughts that benefit you. For instance, seeing yourself as a diligent student inspires you to work harder, which then leads to you doing better in your studies. You gain more confidence and self-fulfillment. Instead of filling your head with negativity, you empower your mind by manifesting optimism.

Strengthens You

As previously mentioned, having a positive vision is a real advantage. It builds you up and enables you to attain your goals. When you have a healthy imagination, you also get empowered. Keeping focus on your plans despite unlikely circumstances, makes you strong and sustains you as you move forward.

Gives You Brainpower

Mind-wandering involves going through all the knowledge and experiences you’ve accumulated. Similar to dreams, you only see what you’ve already perceived before (science says even ‘new’ images are merely cut out from your memories). This results to gaining new insights. Sometimes, you discover the solution you’re looking for while daydreaming.

Makes You More Creative

Imagination happens out of creativity, meaning doing it exercises your creative muscles. If you’re a fiction author, for example, you develop ideas from exploring your mind. You may invent characters or scenes based on people you’ve met or real-life situations you’ve witnessed. Regardless, conjuring up your own visions can make you more artistic.

Helps You Cope

Whether it’s mental distress or a psychological condition, active imagination does a lot for you. Personal issues, family matters, and mental health disorders, can take a toll on you. Although it’s not easy at all to overcome negative emotions, it’s definitely possible to thrive with them. Having a mind that’s supported by self-love and is determined to fight is key.

How Can You Use Imagination to Improve Your Mental Health?

Create your happy place. Your own imaginary space where you feel safe and pleasant. Some visualize an empty circle surrounding them, while others have a specific environment in their mind. Don’t limit yourself. Make sure that your happy place is indeed a ‘happy place’ for you. Then, whenever you need to escape, enter it. Remember that you are the owner, so you will not allow any unhelpful thoughts inside.

Imagine possibilities. Look at every perspective. Maybe there’s another way to handle your problem. Maybe a little patience is what you need to achieve inner peace. You’ll find something when you go beyond the obvious.

As long as you stay grounded in reality, you can safely use imagination. Fantasy serves as a temporary escape and a means to keep your mind healthy. The world would be too dark without imagination. Let your creativity work for you.

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Written by Hannah Grace

A B.S. Psychology graduate who fights both real and imaginary shadows every day with music and words.

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