How You Can Be Truly Content with The Person You Are Now

How You Can Be Truly Content with The Person You Are Now

In this modern age where presenting your best self is the norm, most of us neglect being happy with ourselves. We strive to be as successful as everyone else, forgetting satisfaction can and should come from within. Social status plays a significant role in our world, but that’s not all there is to life. Here are five simple points to help you be truly content with the person you are now:

Recognize Your Strengths

Pause. Spend a few seconds to reflect on the fact that you are an intelligent creature who’s capable of doing many things. Moreover, you have your own set of skills whether you know it or not. Maybe you’re already good at painting, basketball, public speaking, or, you’ve yet to discover your ability. Appreciate your talents no matter how great or simple they seem.

Accept Your Flaws

Flaws and mistakes make you human. Your perfectionist tendencies give you an advantage at times, but they can also work against you. For instance, being meticulous in your job may not be appropriate in your marriage. Your partner may think you don’t trust them if you double-check their receipts. Likewise, your loved ones may be annoyed if you’re too strict about plate arrangement. Set your soul free. We’re not supposed to be perfect. There’s pleasure in embracing your ‘not so lovely’ parts.

Don’t Compare

No two individuals are exactly the same. Just like fingerprints, every person is unique. What do you get by comparing yourself to others? Only envy and discontent. Looking at someone else’s good traits or achievements with greedy eyes only make you feel bad. You weren’t meant to struggle merely to attain their level. You don’t need to match their pace nor run ahead of them. Treat life as a journey, not a competition.

Give Yourself a Break

Relax. You don’t have to be the best, in fact, you’re amazing as you are now. Of course it’s fulfilling to be the most that we can be, but taking care of yourself is more important. It’s okay to push your boundaries sometimes, but don’t overdo it. Know when to keep going, when to take five, and when to stop. Personal growth has no deadline. You can’t rush it. Let yourself breathe. Rest refuels you, allowing you to figure out your next step in peace while you heal.

Love Yourself

Be thankful for the person that you are. You alone are you. Never beat yourself up for not meeting anyone’s standards, including yours. If you’re still far off from reaching your goals, be patient. You’re a work in progress. You have something to offer regardless of where you are in the process. Don’t let your ideal self overshadow who you are at present. Your value doesn’t depend on time and circumstance.

All things considered, being truly content with yourself is an often overlooked golden rule. Though it’s easy to forget or to not even care much, you must remember that you are enough. Your accomplishments and failures don’t define you. Make it a habit to put self-love first before insecurity eats you. When you falter, forgive yourself. Pick yourself back up and carry on. Train your mind to always seek inner happiness until it becomes second nature to you.

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Written by Hannah Grace

A B.S. Psychology graduate who fights both real and imaginary shadows every day with music and words.

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