How To Have a Healthy and Meaningful Social Life Of Your Own

How To Have a Healthy and Meaningful Social Life Of Your Own

Man is not meant to live in isolation. Though we can go through life by ourselves, living alone can’t give us the benefits of having relationships: a sense of belonging, improved lifestyle, less stress, and increased self-esteem. Burdens become lighter when we share them. It’s easy to form relationships, but what matters most is building good ones and maintaining them. Read on to find out how you can have a healthy social life (when it’s safe to go outside again).

Join a Community

Find those who share the same interests as you. There are more than a handful of groups or clubs that center around your passion, be it sports, music, film, art, etc. Bonding with like-minded people fulfills you. Nothing beats the feeling of kinship and knowing you’re not alone. Yes, you still can and must indulge your hobbies on your own, just remember to make time for mingling.

Keep in Touch with Old Friends

Thanks to social media, you can reach anyone anytime, anywhere. Distance is no longer an issue. You can have long conversations by simply clicking on your phone. Keeping communication with an old friend helps especially when you forget how busy you are. A short break and some fresh air work wonders.

Don’t Limit Your Social Circle

You can miss what new relationships have to offer if you always stay with the same people. Maybe your best friend lives too far from you now and your potential gym buddy is that colleague you get along well with. Maybe your lovely neighbor who’s good at gardening wants to help you grow your flowers. You’ll only know once you talk to them.

Spend More Time Outside

Convenience in this modern age tempts us to be lazy. We’d rather watch the real world through a screen instead of experiencing it ourselves. Going outside doesn’t just make you healthier. You live more and learn more when you interact with others. Enjoy happy hour with friends, take a morning walk in the park with an acquaintance, or go hiking with new people.

Accept Invitations

Unless you’re sick or have an important thing to do, don’t turn down an invitation. Seize the opportunity to socialize when it comes. Engaging in conversations as often as you can hones your communication skills and helps you become more outgoing. Further to this point, you should also extend invitations. Whether you’re celebrating your birthday or your promotion at work, always consider including others.

Practice Small Talk

Short chats make connection possible. Relationships begin with only a few words. Try asking your Uber driver about the traffic. If you’re not that shy, ask the person standing next to you in line where they bought their unique hat. By learning the art of small talk, you can reach out to people and express yourself better.


Visiting a place you’ve never been to is another great way to exercise your social muscles. Because you’ll inevitably talk to locals when you need help finding a site not shown on your virtual map, or when you join a street event, you learn to be comfortable with strangers. With some vigilance, going on a trip can be a fun means of gaining new friendships. Overcome the fear of unfamiliarity and you’ll see its hidden charm.

Isn’t it nice that we’re not alone? We all live with the same set of circumstances in the same planet. Everyone is a neighbor and can always be more if fate permits. You wouldn’t know how much your social life can flourish until you take the first step. Smile. Strike a conversation. Listen intently and respond well. You’ll have a friend in return.

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Written by Hannah Grace

A B.S. Psychology graduate who fights both real and imaginary shadows every day with music and words.

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