8 Tips for Good Mental Health

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8 Tips for Good Mental Health

Your mind needs the same attention you give your body. A lot of serious conditions can result from you neglecting it like depression and heart disease. As life gets busy, so does your brain. With all the problems and distractions around, you may not have enough time to look after it, but you must. Here are eight simple tips to start you off:

Take Care of Your Physical Health

Ever noticed how your mood changes when you’re hungry? Either you don’t feel well that you can’t focus on anything, or you become cranky that your friends hesitate to approach you. If the mind affects the body, the body also affects the mind. Despite your daily matters, you should make sure to get enough sleep, drink lots of water, eat right, and exercise your muscles. Go for a walk under the morning sun and breathe some fresh air as often as possible.


Being ‘on’ all the time is exhausting–just one day is enough to drain you. You need complete rest. Take a break. Tune out the noise outside and inside of you. Bask in the silence until you drop every concern that bothers you. Once you’re free of their hold, you can experience healing. You’ll feel fully recharged and ready to face the world again right after. A strong mind makes a strong person. Aim for inner peace no matter what.

Have a Grateful Heart

Instead of complaining or pitying yourself, think of everything that you’re thankful for. Your house, your family, friends who support you, whichever it is, don’t take it for granted. Sometimes we’re so preoccupied with what we don’t have that we forget what we already have. Contentment and gratitude are great for your mind.


“No man is an island” still rings true today. Even though you can survive on your own, relationships give you benefits you can’t get from anything else. Not only do other people serve as companions in life, they also contribute to your mental well-being. According to science, being with another person releases oxytocin in your brain, a hormone (responsible for social bonding and sexual reproduction) that makes you feel good and plays a significant role in your system. Always spend time with your loved ones and don’t be afraid to form new relationships.

Seek Help

You can’t do it all by yourself. When you need assistance, ask for it. Talk to someone you know who can help you overcome a dilemma. To deal with your personal issues, find the right therapist or any professional who has the proper expertise. Never let your pride hinder you. It’s normal to encounter a situation one can’t handle on their own.

Practice Your Beliefs

Believing in something makes you resilient. Whether you have faith in a god, the universe, humanity, or love, you receive the same hope that enables you to stand strong. Your belief empowers you. Nothing seems impossible when you have a firm conviction. Because the mind follows routine, being consistent in your faith makes it thrive.

Do What You Love

Singing, dancing, eating, and laughing are only some of the activities which give us pleasure and do wonders to our health. Whatever your passions are, do them. Treat them as vitamins. Recognizing your interests and using your strengths is awesome for your mental health.

Lend a Hand

Aside from making a difference in someone’s life, being a good Samaritan is very rewarding. Just like how leaders get motivated themselves by encouraging their teammates, your mind shares with another person’s delight when you reach out to them. We’re made to live for each other after all. It may be doing volunteer work or helping your old neighbor clean their front yard. Your simple effort will bring satisfaction to both you and them.

Mental health is too important to ignore. Lucky for us, society has now become more aware of it. Compared to previous generations, many are now open-minded about its reality and its impact. Moreover, numerous resources are available to aid anyone in treatment from medicines to therapies. On the whole, you can have both a healthy mind and a healthy body if you commit to achieving your own well-being. Love yourself first, then you’ll find it isn’t hard to do.

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